Friday, June 30, 2017

Celebrating Open Marriages - How in the world did we get to this point!?!

You know what's disgusting?

The "my open marriage is so great" stories that are on-line recently.  Followed by advice on how to have a successful open marriage for yourself.

Have you people lost your freakin' minds!?! 

But when it all falls apart and you feel broken and cheated and used and empty-handed and diseased, remember this: You chose it!

I feel sad for you.  For what you've settled for.  For the fact that you think you have a rich, fulfilling, exciting marriage ... but that it's really just a mirage, an illusion of something real and solid, and it will eventually leave you with nothing but an empty heart.

There is truly a better way out there: A marriage where spouses commit to each other for life.  Where we value the other person and the security of our marriage so much that we promise to live life together, with each other, side by side, through good times and bad, setting aside selfish pursuits for the good of our spouse, our relationship, our family. 

A marriage where we can count on each other, trust each other, and feel safe with each other because we know that we are a team, that we are in it together, that it's "the two of us" against the world. 

A marriage where we fight for each other, where we protect our relationship, where we build a wall around it to keep it safe from interference, from attacks, from temptations, from the things that seek to divide us and rip us apart and lead us astray. 

A marriage where we make our home the safest place in the world, where we know that we are valued and we belong and we are most loved. 

A marriage where we cherish and respect each other so much that we share our body, our heart, our bed, our life with no one else in the way that we share those things with our beloved - because no one else could even come close to taking the place of our beloved.

That is the kind of marriage that I want!

"Open marriage" people might think they are having some kind of exciting fun that the rest of us aren't having.  But what I have is far better.  I have a husband who shares himself only with me, who loves me and cherishes me and pursues me more than anyone else.  A husband who has committed to living life by my side, to sticking together when times are tough, to sharing the joy when times are good, to protecting our love from the world's sabotaging attempts, to providing a safe, stable life where we both know we belong and we matter and we are loved more than anyone else out there.

I don't want a disgusting, pathetic "open marriage." 

I'll take the long-lasting, deeply-fulfilling security of a good, old-fashioned, monogamous marriage any day!

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