Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June's Roses

Beautiful Cinco de Mayo 


I love the difference it makes when you shift your focus a little bit:
(Double Pink Knockout Rose)
Blushing Pink Knockout
Double Pink Knockout again
Country Dancer 

Carefree Beauty, which is very similar to Country Dancer

Sweet little Bonica

Gene Boerner

New Dawn


Therese Bugnet, a little messy but still pretty and going strong

Blanc Double de Coubert still blooming too


Kiss Me
No, really ... that's the name of this rose. 
And it smells beautiful and lasts longer as a cut flower than any of my other roses.

Kiss Me again (I just like saying it)
Dream Weaver, blooming against all odds
I had to move this one a few years ago and it really set it back.
And then, I later discovered that a stupid chipmunk had dug out a hole directly under this rose, severing its roots almost entirely.  And yet, this year it has a couple blooms, even though it's only a foot tall.  Here's to hoping it flourishes!

Unidentified climbing rose that came with the house:
Can anyone identify it?
The color-changing Music Box (a view of two different blossoms)



My all-time favorite rose:  Easy Does It!
It looks like a sunset mixed with ocean waves. 





I just can't get enough of this rose...


Simply beautiful

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