Friday, June 30, 2017


What is “body shaming”?  I ask because I don’t think we understand what it really is.

“Body shaming” is criticizing a woman’s body, the shape of her body, making her feel ashamed of parts of her body.

But it is not “body shaming” to show disapproval when a woman dresses in skimpy clothing or an inappropriate swimsuit.  It is not “body shaming” to ask a woman who is dressed in inappropriate clothing to cover up more, especially when children are around.  It is not “body shaming” to express discomfort when a woman acts too trampy or seductively or inappropriately.

Have we women lost all sense of decency, modesty, and self-respect that we act offended whenever someone critiques our inappropriate dress or behavior, crying about how we are a “victim” of “bullying” and “body shaming” and starting rants on Facebook to get others all riled up about how “unjustly” we were treated?

When in reality, we really should have just covered up more or acted more decently.  I’m sorry … but I think there are some things we should be ashamed about.  And shame on us for attacking others when they call us out on our indecency, instead of just growing up and accepting responsibility for our poor choices.    

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