Saturday, June 17, 2017

More Poetry in Bloom

Because I love taking pictures of flowers!
Therese Bugnet
Rose de Rescht 

Kiss Me 





Peony leaf with rain
Petunia in the rain
Rose de Rescht


Cinco de Mayo 
New Dawn 



Peony, two different exposures 



Kiss Me 
Kiss Me again

Music Box




Purple Coneflower

Dream Weaver 

Country Dancer 


Butterfly Weed, two different exposures


 Dream Weaver, two exposures.  What a difference!
Yet both are beautiful!


Unidentified Rose  



Country Dancer (or unidentified rose)


Blanc Double de Coubert 

Carefree Beauty (?)

 Therese Bugnet 




Goodness, I could do this all day!

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