Thursday, November 30, 2017

Don't Say You Were Never Warned!

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It's the Gospel Truth!
(Don't say you were never warned.)

Soon, Lord. Please!

We're waiting for You, Lord.  Please let it be soon!

Do You Believe?

            I saw the movie Do You Believe? yesterday.  (This is a repost from years ago.)  Excellent movie.  Very well done!  (Bring tissues!  Be ready to be inspired and touched deeply!) 

            But one part stood out to me (although it all stood out . . . excellent movie!).  A lost, hurting, confused man was in a hotel room when he found a Bible.  And I thought about how sad it is that, nowadays in America, people are trying to get Bibles out of hotel rooms and to erase all references to God in public areas. 

            What about the hurting person who needs help?  The lost person who needs to be found?  The hopeless person who needs the Truth, Love, and Healing that only God can give?  How will they find the answers they are looking for (even if they don’t know they are looking for them) if we eradicate God from our society? 

            More than ever, the responsibility to spread the Gospel lies with us believers.  A grassroots movement.  (Which is what it’s always been!)  Society is trying to erase God; we need to be the ones that share Him.  And so I put together this compilation of verses that neatly sum up the message of the Bible, the greatest message we will ever share!  Of course, you can boil it down even more.  But I like the fullness of these verses. 

            [And in my sadness and frustration with our society's efforts to erase God, to turn their backs on Him, I also decided to start wearing a simple cross necklace.  I don't like jewelry, but I want to wear this necklace to put a little more God back into the world.  To take a stand for Him.  I want to wear one because we can.  We still have the right to, in our country.  And I want to exercise that right before we lose it, before God is erased completely from America.  Take a stand for Jesus in some way.  Wear the cross.  Share the truth.  Love your neighbor.  Copy these verses and pass them out.  Scripture can touch hearts deeper than anything else.  And you never know who desperately needs to hear it!  Without it, we would all be completely, hopelessly lost!]   


Do You Believe? 

“Jesus said to them, ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17, NIV Bible, in all these verses, the emphasis is added)

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) 

“He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus.  They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord . . .” (2 Thessalonians 1:8-9) 

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23)

“God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.” (Ephesians 1:7)

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God not by works, so that no one can boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9)

For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.  Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already . . .” (John 3:16-18)

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.’” (John 14:6)  

“if you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. . . . ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’  (Romans 10:9-10, 13)  

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.  If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives.”  (1 John 1:9-10)

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”  (1 Corinthians 1:18)  

“since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” (Romans 1:19-20)

The heavens declare the glory of God . . .”  (Psalm 19:1)

“Be still, and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)

“He who has ears, let him hear.” (Matthew 11:15)

Do you believe?
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(FYI, you don't have to believe in Jesus if you don't want to.  You can reject Him if you prefer.  But if He is who He said He is then you will have to pay the price for your unbelief - because He doesn't cease being God or being real just because you don't believe in Him.  Seriously ... what if?)

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Now fear the Lord and serve Him with all faithfulness.... 

But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you ... then choose for yourselves whom you will serve, whether the gods of your own imagination who let you live whatever way you want or the socially-acceptable gods who tell everyone what they want to hear.

But as for me and my household ...


(Joshua 24:14-15, paraphrased for today) 

Click here when you have time to listen.  To really listen.  You owe it to yourself, to your eternal soul, to listen to this song at least once and to really think about what it says.  (And click here for one more, one that deeply touched my heart.)  What do you have to lose? 

Starting Your Own Relationship with Jesus

             John 3: 16: “For God so loved the world that he sent his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

            God so loved the world.  He didn’t just love the world; He so loved the world.  He so loved the world that He (Jesus) would die in our place before He would miss out on an eternal relationship with us.  He knew that we would disappoint Him and hurt Him and fail Him, but He still so wanted a relationship with us that He made a way.  He knew that there would be many, many people that would reject His gift of love and salvation, but an eternity spent with those who would choose Him was worth the price of dying on the cross.  That is some amazing love!     

            Let me ask you something:  If you were to die today or if Jesus came back today, would you be ready?  Seriously!   This life, as we know it, isn't going to go on forever.  And we are not invincible.  People die every day, in every kind of way.  Are you ready to face eternity, what comes the moment after you take your last breath?  Have you figured out who Jesus is and why He matters so much? 

            Because this will be what matters most the moment after you die.  And, quite honestly, it's what matters most in this lifetime, too.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Is God Drawing Lines in the Sand? (updated)

It’s amazing and disturbing how brazen our society is in attacking everything about God and everything He created:  marriage, monogamy, sex, family, sexuality, the scientific reality of gender, morality, modesty, the value of a person, the right to life, the existence of "right and wrong," the Bible, Jesus, and Absolute Truth.  Not to mention God Himself, His very existence. 

We are destroying everything associated with Him (except nature – we worship that), and then we call ourselves progressive.

But you know what I think about it all?

I think that God is letting it happen because He’s drawing lines in the sand.  Through all these divisive issues, God is saying “Pick a side!  I am forcing you to decide which side you want to be on ... because I am coming back soon to take My people out of here.  So I need you all to decide:  Me or the world?  Which do you choose?"

At least I hope that's why He's allowing all this breakdown to happen, all this conflict and divisiveness.  Because if He's not - if He's not coming back soon - then God help those of us who choose to be faithful to Him.  We're gonna need it! 

Will You Bet Your Soul On it?

Enough to bet your soul on it?
People get ready!

The Case for Christ

If you haven’t seen The Case for Christ, the movie based on Lee Strobel’s life, you should see it.  It’s good.  It’s about his journey to Christ, from being an atheist who was very skeptical about Christianity and who only responded to “facts” to finally finding the evidence for Christ so overwhelming that he couldn’t help but believe.

What I liked about it was the two different ways that we see him and his wife come to Christ.  She came to Christ through her emotions, through the pull on her heart, as though she knew it was the truth without needing the facts first.  But he came to Christ through his mind, through researching the facts about Christ’s death and resurrection and the validity of the Bible.

One was led by their heart, and one was led by their mind.

I love that.  I love that God has different ways of reaching different people, based on our personalities.  I love that we can find Him through our heart and emotions, and I love that we can find Him through facts and reasoning.

I have always found it interesting to hear about someone’s salvation story, about what led them to finally believe in God, to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, and how it changed their life.

Does anyone out there want to share their journey to Christ?  What led you to Him?  What effect did it have on you?  What has life been like since then?  Etc.?

Mine is quite simple and uneventful.  My mom had been searching for awhile for God.  I was in a Catholic school and we were attending a Jehovah’s Witness church (cult).  But she knew there was more out there.  And so we ended up at a Bible-based church of some kind, and she sent me to a Christian camp when I was 11.  While I was there, I heard an “altar call,” a call to come to the front and kneel if you want to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  And I guess I just knew that I had no choice, that this was real and I wanted it.  And so, without even really thinking about it, I rose to my feet and walked to the front.  And that was it!

But since then, I have been driven to have solid, rational answers for why I believe in Christ and why I don’t believe in other religions or atheism.  So I have spent time researching other religions and what they offer and researching Christianity and the validity of the Bible and the events of the Bible.  And in doing so, my faith has only grown more solid.  It’s only confirmed my faith more. 

For me, it’s Jesus or nothing!  He alone has the words of life and truth and true hope!

How about you?  What’s your story?  Your case for Christ? 


My Understanding of "The End Times"

            I wrote a section for Christians about “The End Times” in the Bible study I wrote.  But I wanted to write a shorter, easier-to-understand version for everyone else.  With all the hurricanes, earthquakes, “cash-less” technology, terrorism, martyring of Christians, people’s rebellion against everything God stands for, disease epidemics, the technology to put little radio transmitters into people’s hands containing their information, the various celestial events, a fast-approaching “one-world system,” a brewing civil war, a brewing world war, etc., it seems like a good time to post this.

            And no … contrary to a popular “prophecy,” I do not think the world will end with a large planet crashing into us.

            Oh, no … it’s so much worse than that!  Or better!  Depending on whose side you’re on.

            (And may I add ... I find it so funny that scientists swear up and down that there is no Planet X that is going to crash into Earth like that one guy predicted, yet none of them saw that strange, cigar-shaped asteroid coming - the one that whizzed by us not too long ago, that came from another solar system, that was completely unpredicted and unlike anything seen before, and that travelled very fast.  And yet they say there's no chance of a Planet X crashing into us?  A little overly confident, don't you think?)

            And to all those scoffers who say "None of this has anything to do with the end of the world" or "There is no 'end of the world' and Jesus isn't coming back again," I would like to ask you ...

            "Are you so sure!?!  Are you so sure that there isn't a supernatural world out there?  That there isn't a God who will someday do exactly what He said He'd do in His Word?  That He isn't moving and working in this world and about to bring this time to an end?  Are you so sure!?!  Even if the end doesn't come in our lifetime, it will come someday - in our own lives and for the world as we know it.  Are you prepared to face the truth?  Will you find the truth before it's too late?"     

Is the Rapture Taught in the Bible?

(Updated slightly) 

             I believe there’s going to be rapture of the true believers before the tribulation starts (which I talked about in the post “My Understanding of the End Times”).   

             In this post, I’m going to list which significant passages I think refer to the Rapture and which refer to the Visible Second Coming, which will happen at the 6th seal, during the tribulation.  This is all just my opinion.  I do not claim to have any special revelation from God.  It’s just the best way I make sense of Scripture.

             Before I get into the verses, keep this in mind:

          1.  All “coming of the Lord” passages that include something about Jesus coming in power and great glory and with angels pertain to the visible second coming of Jesus at the 6th seal during the tribulation.  (However, there are some passages that refer to the visible coming which don’t use those words, but you can tell by the context, by the fact that they were already talking about the big “end of time” visible second coming.  And He also comes again visibly at the end of the trib for the battle of Armageddon, so that coming is referred to at times.  But neither of these "visible comings" are the rapture.)

          2.  None of the passages that pertain to the rapture have the words “in power and great glory and with angels.” 

             This helps clear up a lot of confusion about which “coming” the passage is referring to.  

Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

            “And throw the worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  (Matthew 25:30)

            “The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  (Matthew 13:49-50)

            I used to wonder about the “weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  Where is this place and who gets thrown there?  It sounds like an awful place to be, and I always assumed that it happened in hell. 

            But what I couldn’t figure out is why the “servant who hid the talent” in Matthew 25 is thrown there, too.  It makes it sound as if a believer (a lazy one) ends up in a place with weeping and gnashing of teeth.  But how can that be if “weeping and gnashing” happens in hell, as seen in Matthew 13?  How can a believer end up in hell? 

            But I think I see the difference now.  The Matthew 13 passage says that the wicked are thrown into the “fiery furnace,” whereas the Matthew 25 passage says the servant is thrown “out into the darkness.” 

            I believe that these are two different places and times where there is “weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  One is the final judgment when unbelievers are thrown permanently into hell, the “fiery furnace.”  And the other is at the rapture when lazy, unprepared believers are left behind in the “darkness.” 

Why a Pre-Trib Rapture is the Most Merciful Option

            Some people have a lot of trouble accepting the idea that God would rapture the church out but leave everyone else to go through the tribulation.  They think it is heartless and cruel of Him.  I, however, think that a pre-trib rapture is the most merciful thing God could do.

            In the movie Left Behind (with Nicolas Cage), a young woman who missed the rapture looks around at all the pain and heartbreak and devastation . . . and she screams out about how the loving God her mother worshipped would never cause something as tragic as that to happen.  He would never take people away and let others be left behind to face the troubles of the tribulation. 

            Or would He? 

            The thing is, I think a pre-trib rapture shows just how loving and merciful and patient He is, how much He wants everyone to come to Him. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

I Will Love You ... Always!

            “How long, O Lord?  Will you forget me forever?  How long will you hide your face from me? . . . But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.  I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me.”  (Psalm 13:1, 5-6)

            “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him, . . .”  (Job 13:15)

            “The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.”  (Job 1:21)


            Years ago, I saw the movie Facing the Giants.  And it was a good movie.  Last night (April 16, 2015, this is a repost), I saw it again . . . and it was a great movie.  It touched my heart in ways it didn’t before.  And I pretty much cried through the whole thing.  (Good thing the lights were off so my family couldn’t tell.) 

In Support of Matt Damon:

To all the women who are attacking Matt Damon for saying that there is a scale of severity of abuse, that something like patting a woman's rear-end is not the same thing as predatory actions against a child ...

            Are you women who are attacking Matt Damon for that statement saying that there is no difference?  That predator actions against a child are the same thing as touching a woman's rear-end?  Just wondering.  Because it sounds like you don't see a distinction, while Mr. Damon rightly does.  And I commend him for being bold enough to point it out. 

            This is not to excuse any kind of inappropriate behavior, for there is no excuse for inappropriate behavior against someone else.  And it's not to say that men shouldn't be held accountable for inappropriate behavior (they should be!) or that women should put up with it (never!) or that women shouldn't demand to be treated with more respect (being treated with respect should be a given!).

             But it's to point out the fact that those who do not see a difference between inappropriate/disrespectful behavior and genuine abuse, those who are getting caught up in the frenzy of reporting every tiny offense as if it was a huge violation (the things that nearly all women have probably faced at some point or other, such as someone patting their bottom, brushing against their breast, gazing at their bodies too long, or complimenting them inappropriately) are going to undermine the women who have serious stories to tell.  

            Calling everything "abuse" - even things that would be better labeled "inappropriate" or "disrespectful," even things where the woman enjoyed it or benefitted from it at first - is going to dilute the meaning of "abuse" and the effect of reporting it.  And it's going to hurt, not help, the cause.  It's going to backfire!  Just watch and see.

            When everything is "traumatic abuse," then nothing is "traumatic abuse."

            And women, before you name names and share your story, remember that you are dealing with real people here - real men, with families and careers and reputations.  Is what you went through serious enough to risk destroying a man and his life?

            If so - if coming forward would help justice get done and make sure that no other woman is harmed the way you were - then by all means, come forward with your story.  (And I'm sure many stories are serious enough to come forward.) 

            But if not - if you are tempted to report somewhat petty things just so you can be part of the "me too" movement - then maybe you shouldn't do it.  Maybe you should find a different, more discreet way to deal with it.  

            Is destroying a man and his life worth it?  Is your story legitimate or somewhat petty?  Are you being fair in your reporting or are you blowing it out of proportion for drama's sake?  Did you find it tolerable earlier or benefit from it somehow (I'm thinking actresses and beauty pageant contestants here) but now you're trying to claim that you find it intolerable and damaging?  Does it help the cause or hurt it?  Are you reporting it just because you want to be part of the newest, hip, power-hungry movement?  Just some things to consider.

(Just found this video about what's really going on with the #metoo movement.  Lots of wisdom there.)

            And on a slightly different note, about many different issues, in general ...

            Far too many Americans (read: radical feminists and far-left groups) need to get a grip!  About so many different things, you have become like a bunch of savage, foaming-at-the-mouth, rabid dogs during a feeding frenzy, tearing apart anyone and everyone who crosses your path with little regard for the consequences.  

            You don't want justice or fairness.  You want to search and destroy, to stomp on anyone who comes against you.  If anyone so much as glances at you in a way you don't like, you tear them to pieces, vilify them, petition to get them fired, and destroy every last shred of their life and reputation.  You want nothing more than to steamroll over everyone who disagrees with you or who simply appears to disagree with you.  You are some of the biggest bullies I have ever seen! 

            And I think what Matt Damon was doing was calling people to think clearly, to act thoughtfully and cautiously ... to stop the out-of-control feeding frenzy before everyone eats everyone else alive.  And I applaud Mr. Damon for trying to be a voice of reason.    

            [Speaking of radical feminists and left-groups demanding their way and steamrolling over anyone who gets in their way:  This story really bugs me.  

            Should these women be able to put their "trauma" on the same level as "rape"?  Have they never been told "no" before?  Has life so spoiled them and always given them their way that they would end up with such terrible, distressing, physical "symptoms" after facing a minor disappointing rejection?  

            If so - if all it takes is a small disappointing setback to make those women fall apart like that - then life is going to chew them up and spit them out.  Not to mention, they lived through a time when homosexual marriage was illegal.  Are they now so tender that they can't bear to face any kind of opposition or disapproval?  And then to have the courts support the nonsense that their pain and suffering was worth $135,000.  Puh-lease! 

            The only consolation for the bakers here is that God is the ultimate Judge, far above any human judge.  And these bakers will be eternally rewarded for their pain and suffering, while the couple and the judges will pay an eternal price for their "victory."]  

To all those accused of sexual harassment:

To all those who are being accused of sexual harassment in the public eye right now, who are guilty of it, who are watching their lives fall apart before their eyes, their careers crumble, their family and friends leave, their legacies get destroyed ...
And to anyone else who's even done anything they are ashamed of and who wonders if there's any hope for them ...
Come to Jesus!  Find the forgiveness and grace and healing that only He can give.  Others might turn on you and might never offer forgiveness, compassion, or mercy.  
But Jesus is running towards you, asking you to grab His hand, to let Him love you and forgive you and make you new.

(And to anyone who's been hurt by others, who's been carrying around deep heart wounds that need healing ... 
Come to Jesus!  He's waiting for you, to heal your broken heart, to give you peace and joy and life.)

Who else can you turn to?
Who else offers healing and hope like that?
Who else can fix what's broken
in your life and heart and soul?
A taste of what we Christians believe
about God's grace and mercy, forgiveness and love:

Forgiven by Crowder

Confession by The City Harmonic

Sweetly Broken by Jeremy Riddle

Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew

Oh, What Love by The City Harmonic

Love, Heal Me by The City Harmonic

Fell Apart by The City Harmonic

By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North

Come As You Are by Crowder

Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher

I AM by Crowder

I Need a Miracle by Third Day

Forgiven by Sanctus Real

Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray

Flawless by Mercy Me

Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains) by Crowder

Forgiveness by Toby Mac

Man of God by Audio Adrenaline
(We Christians know what it's like to be human.)

My Jesus by Todd Agnew 
(Because the world just doesn't understand who Jesus really is.)

Secret Ambition by Michael W. Smith

We Believe by Newsboys

Manifesto by The City Harmonic