Friday, May 26, 2017

The Most Frustrating Crop!

            The most frustrating crop to grow?
            And I’ll go to the mat on that one. 

            Oh, do they make me mad!  This morning, I found a nearly ripe one (the second ripe one of the year).  It needed maybe just one more day.  But since it was lying on the ground, I gently moved it up higher, resting it on some other strawberry plants to keep it out of the mud. 
            And wouldn’t you know it …

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

In the Vegetable Garden in Late May

Not much going on here yet.  Except for ...

Beautiful, tall, strong Garlic.  We had almost no snow cover all winter and so this garlic started growing strong in February (during a one-week heat wave).  Hope the bulbs are as big as I imagine they should be:
Fenced-in Onions, which are not as big as they should be because they get too much shade.  But according to the rotation schedule, they are the lucky ones to get the shadier bed this year, so I will have to make do with small onions. 
(I fence them in because we once had a raccoon get inside the fenced-in garden one night and walk all over the onions, knocking them all down and stopping their growth when they were just babies.)

A Walk in the Garden in Late May

It has been such a cool, wet spring this year and everything is a bit late.  But there are still interesting things to be found in the garden in late May after the spring bulbs are finished but before everything else really gets going.

Peony buds and Lilacs


Monday, May 1, 2017

My First Real Date

            Due to abandonment issues and relationship fears, I never gave much thought to dating in high school.  In fact, I avoided it.  I really only dated one wonderfully sweet guy for four months.  But I didn’t have any feelings for him.  I dated him because my mom liked him so much and made me go out with him.  Which was precisely the reason why I broke up with him.  (But honestly, Rodney, you were such a nice, sweet guy.  I’m sorry for what I put you through.  It wasn’t fair, and I wish you the best.) 
            Other than that, I only went on a very small handful of dates, and it was never with someone that I really liked.  (Okay, it was two dates.  Once to a homecoming dance and once to our town’s fair with a group of friends, so I don’t even know if you can call that a date.)  If I really did have a crush on any guy, I would never let it turn into anything.