Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Things I Just Don't Get...

(Warning: Possibly offensive pictures coming up.  If you get offended, I warned you.  And since you clicked on this post, it must mean that you enjoy the possibility of being offended.  And therefore, since I did something for you that you enjoy, you're can't leave any mean, defensive comments.  Yep, that's the way it works.)


Monday, January 23, 2017

At first signs of sickness...

At the first sign of cold or flu, here is what we do in our family:

1.  Cut out sugar.  And make a soup full of onions and garlic.  Sugar depresses your immune system, so it has the completely opposite effect of what you want to do when someone is sick.  (If your kid needs something cold like a popsicle, freeze orange juice in popsicle molds.  Works great and doesn’t have added sugar.  This is what we do for summer treats.)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Essential Oils Listed According to Uses

Various Issues and the Essential Oils that May Help: (always dilute well)
(Sorry if it’s not in alphabetical order.  I was adding them as I read about them from different sources.  And remember that none of this info is guaranteed.  It’s just what I’ve gathered from other people.  Always research whatever oil you want to use.  And this is not a complete list by any means.)

My Essential Oils and Their Uses

The Essential Oils in My Cabinet (and what they might be good for):
            Not a complete list, of course
            (I say “might be” because I am not making any official medical statements here.  Look up everything for yourself.  And nothing here is guaranteed.  I am just sharing what other sources have said these oils are good for.  Since I already had all this info in my computer for my own personal use, I thought, “Why not share it with others!” 
            Also, some of these come already diluted with jojoba oil.  I’ll specify that in parentheses.  Google each oil yourself to see all the ways that oil can be used, how others use it, and any safety concerns.  There is a lot more than what I list here.  Also, from what I can tell, you might not want to use an oil that is pre-diluted in jojoba oil in your diffuser.  The jojoba might gum it up and ruin it.)

My Basic Safety Rules for Essential Oils

            I am a big fan of essential oils.  I believe that God created this earth with many good things.  And one of those things is the healing power of plants.  Not only is there healing power in the healthy, natural food that God made for us, but there is healing power in the oils of the plants, too.  And this is where we get the essential oils from. 
            As an example of the power of essential oils, I have seen a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil heal a red, hot, spreading spider bite, a growing skin infection (cellulitis, I believe) from a mosquito bite, and a blood infection that was black line travelling up someone’s arm from an infected burn.  It only took a couple drops, and all of these things went away completely.  The blood infection vanished within two hours of applying the oil once and the infected bites within two days after applying it a couple times each day.

Random Fun Facts

I thought it would be fun to add pictures to some of the “Random Facts About Me:  Just For Fun” post from my other blog, myimpressionisticlife.blogspot.com.  Just for fun.  So from time to time, in between health/gardening/living posts, I will add some random facts about me.  For anyone who’s interested.  Like I know you all are.  Because I’m so fascinating.  In my own head.

For starters, here are three gems from my youth:

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Health Tips 11-20: Food and "Fight-Starters"

11.  Limit meat consumption and eat lots of (organic) fruit and veggies.  Learn to enjoy a wide variety of natural, God-given food.  And eat it as close to its natural state as possible. I used to make meals that had lots of steps, changing ingredients into less noticeable forms.  But that all changed one day when I made a very simple meal of taco-seasoned fish, rice with butter and salt, and mixed veggies with butter and salt.  And my husband commented on how clean and fresh it all felt.  And I realized he was right.  It felt better to eat that way.  Lighter.  Fresher.  Healthier.  We now do a lot more of these simple meals.  And I love it.  (And not only that, but it’s easier.  And my kids have learned to enjoy things like kale salads and broccoli and asparagus and red peppers and carrots, instead of me having to hide them in something.)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Health Tips 1-10: Pork, Dairy, Sugar, Etc.



(And, yes, I do know that's supposed to be "whom I homeschool" . . . but I didn't want to show off how smart I is.) 

I figured that for the first posts on this blog, I would share some of the “healthy living” tips that I try to live by.  (More to come.)  I don’t do everything perfect.  And I am not super strict with these.  But they are general principles that I try to incorporate as much as I can.  Life is about balance, after all.  (And I fully expect that many people will disagree with me, but that’s okay.  We are all entitled to our own opinions on these things.  Except the first one.  Everyone should agree with that one.)

1.  Laugh a lot.  Do not take yourself or life so seriously that you can’t find humor in things.  Laugh often.  And dance.  And sing.  If you can do these things, you can know that life hasn’t gotten the best of you yet.