Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June's Other Delights

Clematis flowers

Bishop's Weed flowers


Zucchini starting to grow (or melon, can't remember which one)

Hydrangea blossoms starting to bloom
Butterfly Weed beginning to flower


 Baby wren that just flew the nest and landed in the Honeysuckle

The interesting Green-Purple of the Coral Bells (not sure which variety)
The first Sugar Snap Pea
Purple Coneflower buds starting to form
 The humble marigold 

Kale seeds starting to form
First Currants to turn red

 Juneberries turning purple
Alpine Strawberries 
Silky-soft Lamb's Ears, transplants from my mom's garden

The last of the Bleeding Hearts 

My lavender-colored Bearded Iris (came with the house)
Bishop's Weed after flowering
Green Bunching Onion Blossom up-close
Garden friends:

(I love these little green ones!)

And now there's two bats

This little guy was hopping through the alpine strawberries.  Here he is doing his best to look like a rock.  As soon as he saw me coming near him with the camera, he hunkered down in this "you can't see me 'cuz I'm hiding" pose.

I saw him!

Not a garden friend!  A bad, bad, cute garden enemy!  Strawberry Thief!

This one made me giggle.  The moment before I clicked the button to take this picture of the bee, an ant climbed out of the blossom.  This is the exact moment that the bee and ant noticed each other.  I could actually see the surprised reaction of the bee in his movements.  He flew away a split-second later as the ant ran off.


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