Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Stupid deer!

“Deer resistant” really just means “After biting off the developing flower stalk, the deer will remember that they do not like hyacinths . . . and so they will move on down to the next hyacinth to try again.”


See the blue one under the white one.  Poor, sad thing!

Lesson learned the hard way: Never plant tulips (“deer candy”) near “deer resistant” plants.  The deer will definitely find the tulips, eat all of them down, and then sample the nearby “deer resistant” plants, leaving you with mangled, flower-less greenery.  And the deer will remember for years where these tulips were, even if you have been working on tearing them out every spring and there are almost none left (except volunteer sprouts that seem to keep popping up despite your best efforts to vanquish them).

On the left is a nibbled-down hyacinth.  On the right is the "open invitation" I gave the deer: tulips!  These tulip leaves are what remains of the "great tulip massacre" a few years ago - when I tried to tear out all the tulips so that the deer would have nothing to come back for. 
And yet the tulips keep coming back . . . just like the deer.

Stupid deer!

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