Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Garden in Spring (Bulbs)

My new Chionodoxa bulbs in bloom, wet with dew

 One of my all-time favorite bulbs: grape hyacinth.  Tiny, delicate, oh-so-sweet.  Smells like grapes!  (Big surprise, huh?)


Blue Squill bulbs in the morning

A white, striped Squill (top side) 

Underside (I didn't know the ant was there till I saw the photo)
The Daffodils



Hyacinths:  An intimate "up-close and personal" view

A hard-working, early-morning spider on a Daffodil 


 My favorite (and only) gazing ball.  I can see the orange from my kitchen window, glowing when the sunlight hits it just right.
Along the sidewalk in front of the house
But the only things in the vegetable garden right now are:
Garlic, planted last fall (one of my favorite jobs)
Onion transplants  (I never have luck with onions, but I keep trying!)
And last-year's parsley
Pretty barren for now, but it will look much better in a month

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