Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Things I Just Don't Get...

(Warning: Possibly offensive pictures coming up.  If you get offended, I warned you.  And since you clicked on this post, it must mean that you enjoy the possibility of being offended.  And therefore, since I did something for you that you enjoy, you're can't leave any mean, defensive comments.  Yep, that's the way it works.)




I don't get how much celebrities and media people worship themselves and their political views.  Actually, I do get it.  We made them that way.

The tone of our country nowadays:

I don't get how easily offended we are, how over-reactive we are, and how intolerant our so-called "tolerant" society has become.  An example:
Another example:




Speaking of the marches:  Did you see the pictures of the women wearing giant "lady parts" costumes, looking like over-grown babies crowning during birth?  If I had a copy of that picture, I'd caption it like this:

(Yep... I can see that.)

How about you?  What's something you just don't get?

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