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My Essential Oils and Their Uses

The Essential Oils in My Cabinet (and what they might be good for):
            Not a complete list, of course
            (I say “might be” because I am not making any official medical statements here.  Look up everything for yourself.  And nothing here is guaranteed.  I am just sharing what other sources have said these oils are good for.  Since I already had all this info in my computer for my own personal use, I thought, “Why not share it with others!” 
            Also, some of these come already diluted with jojoba oil.  I’ll specify that in parentheses.  Google each oil yourself to see all the ways that oil can be used, how others use it, and any safety concerns.  There is a lot more than what I list here.  Also, from what I can tell, you might not want to use an oil that is pre-diluted in jojoba oil in your diffuser.  The jojoba might gum it up and ruin it.)

Bay – poor circulation, colds/flu, infectious diseases, hair growth (oily scalp), aches and pains, reduce fever, expectorant, antiseptic, perfume, diffuser (mixes well with florals, citruses and spices)

Bergamot – aches/pains, healing/skin regeneration, oily skin, eczema, infections, antiviral, scars, antiseptic, deodorant, fevers/infectious diseases, perfume, cold sores, detoxification, bug repellant

Cardamom – perfume, coughs/expectorant, a “warming” oil  (FYI: I really do not like the smell of this oil.  Actually, I HATE the smell of this the more I use it.  And it costs a lot of money.  I wish I hadn’t bought it.  And one drop is super-strong, so if I put it in a blend, I can only use the tiniest amount.  It’s not that bad mixed with lots of other oils but it is horrid alone.) 

Cedarwood – perfume, dry skin, dry cough, congestion/expectorant, aching muscles/joints, detoxification, bug repellant

Chamomile (in jojoba) – Gentle and safe for children, good all-purpose oil, healing skin, dry skin, eczema, sensitive skin, hair growth, inflammation, wounds, burns, bites, bruises, aches/pains, itching, muscle spasms, antifungal, scars, decongestant, gas/bloating, nausea 

Cinnamon Cassia – not for use on the skin (Although I was using it in our “Like Thieves” blend before I knew this and we did not have any reactions except on the top of my feet once, so I only rub it on the bottoms of our feet.)  Use in diffuser or for room sprays.  (Use well-diluted.  I use no more than 6 drops of any blend of spices oils per ounce of carrier oil or water.).

Cinnamon Leaf – safest cinnamon oil for skin, but it (along with the other spice oils) is still questionable by some.  Look it up if you are unsure.  I will use it in my “Like Thieves” blend and in the diffuser.  Also good for poor circulation, colds/flu/cough, congestion, bronchitis, pneumonia, aching muscles/joints, fever/infectious diseases, muscle spasms, antiseptic, antiviral, detoxification, bug repellant.  (Use well-diluted.  I use no more than 6 drops of any blend of spices oils per ounce of carrier oil or water.)   

Clove Bud - colds/flu, minor infections, My “Like Thieves” blend, antibacterial, antiviral, tooth infections, warts, bug repellant.  (Use well-diluted.  I use no more than 6 drops of any blend of spices oils per ounce of carrier oil or water.) 

Cypress - bruises, poor circulation, aging skin, oily skin, hair growth, dandruff, aching muscles/joints, stimulate immune system, warts, deodorant, antiseptic, muscle spasms, astringent, detoxification, bronchitis, try in diffuser with rosemary (or lemon) for colds/respiratory issues

Eucalyptus – (According to, not for kids under 10.  And not for people with asthma.) - bites, infections, colds/flu/fever, burns, aches/pains, poor circulation, healing/skin regeneration, headache, infectious diseases, antiviral/antibacterial, chest congestion, bronchitis, sinuses, muscle spasms, astringent, scars, deodorant, cold sores, warts, diffuser, bug repellant 

Frankincense (in jojoba) – dry/mature skin, wounds, wrinkles, colds/flu/cough, inflammation, healing/skin regeneration, headache, dry cough, chest congestion, aching muscles/joints, antiseptic, astringent, scars, fevers, immune stimulant, warts and moles  

Ginger – cough, colds/flu/fever, infections, poor circulation, aches and pains, diarrhea/gas/bloating/constipation/nausea (dilute well and rub on stomach), antiseptic, infectious skin diseases, strains and sprains, antibacterial, expectorant, diffuser.  (Use well-diluted.  I use no more than 6 drops of any blend of spices oils per ounce of carrier oil or water.)

Grapefruit - hair growth, colds/flu, detoxification, muscle pain, perfume, diffuse, bug repellant.  Citrus oils are phototoxic, do not wear in sun. 

Jasmine (in jojoba) – perfume, dry skin, inflammation

Lavender – one of the best and safest all-purpose oils, inflammation, itching, hair growth, dry skin, colds/flu, infections, healing, aging skin, aches/pains, bruises, burns, perfume, diffuser, nausea, good for gut health, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, warts and moles, detoxification, bug repellant

Lemon – great oil for many uses, cleaning, perfume, diffuse, hair growth, colds/flu, boosts immune system, infections, antifungal, antibacterial, circulation, constipation, nausea, warts and moles, detoxification, bug repellant.  Citrus oils are phototoxic, do not wear in sun.  Sweet Orange is gentler for really young children.

Lemongrass - infections, cold/flu, poor circulation, aches/pains, perfume, oily skin, fever, infectious diseases, anti-bacterial, deodorant, antiviral, cold sores, warts, bug repellant

Lime - poor circulation, fevers, infectious diseases, greasy hair, detoxification, deodorant, perfume, bug repellant.  Citrus oils are phototoxic, do not wear in sun.

Melissa (aka Lemon Balm) - antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, wounds/healing/skin regeneration, eczema, cold sores, warts, insect repellant, mood lifter, colds/flu, coughs, gas/bloating

Myrrh (in jojoba) - chapped/cracked skin, eczema, wounds, dry/aging skin, colds/cough/sore throat, gum infections, mouth ulcers, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, scars, expectorant, healing/skin regeneration, infections, gas/bloating

Neroli – aging/dry/sensitive skin, healing/skin regeneration, poor circulation, deodorant, sunburn, dry/damaged hair, gas/bloating, antiviral

Nutmeg – perfume, inflammation, infections (bacterial), colds/flu, poor circulation, muscle aches and pains.  (Use well-diluted.  I use no more than 6 drops of any blend of spices oils per ounce of carrier oil or water).

Orange - perfume, diffuser, inflammation, colds/flu, decongestant, deodorant, antifungal, antibacterial, muscle spasms, gas/bloating/constipation/nausea, detoxification, bug repellant.  (May not be photo-toxic, as are other citrus oils.  Not sure, though, so look it up.)

Oregano – colds/flu, chest congestion/loosens mucus build-up in sinuses and respiratory tracts, antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wart  and mole removal, skin conditions (dilute well because it’s a strong oil)

Palmarosa – perfume, diffuser, aging/dry/sensitive skin, eczema, infections, cold/flu/congestion, aching muscles and joints, deodorant, antibacterial, detoxification

Patchouli - healing/skin regeneration, aging/dry skin, eczema, scars, hair growth, decongestant, deodorant, fever reducer, inflammation, infection, antiseptic, bug repellant

Peppermint – (Not for kids under 6, according to - cleaning, aches/pains, inflammation, colds/flu, fever reducer, infectious diseases, chest congestion/decongestant, bites/stings, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, muscle spasms, itching, antiseptic, sinuses, gas/bloating/constipation, nausea, detoxification, diffuser, bug repellant 

Pine – diffuser, cleaning, infections, colds/flu, chest congestion, expectorant, poor circulation, stimulates immune system, aches/pains, greasy hair, antiseptic, antibacterial, detoxification, cramps, deodorant, bug repellant (Pinus pinaster is the type that can be used on the skin.  Scotch pine – pinus sylvestris - should not be used on skin.)

Rose (in jojoba) – perfume, for face cream and wound cream, healing/skin regeneration, scars, aging/dry/sensitive skin, chest congestion, coughs/colds/flu, muscle spasm, antidepressant, antiseptic, inflammation, infection, aching muscles/joints, antiviral, constipation, detoxification

Rosemary – (Not for kids under 10, according to - aches/pains, healing/skin regeneration/scars, antifungal/antibacterial/antiviral, poor circulation, hair growth/dandruff, headache, antidepressant, inflammation, infections, colds/flu, cough/congestion, sinuses, bronchitis, bug repellant, aching muscles and joints (not for people with high blood pressure or epilepsy), constipation, detoxification 

Sandalwood (in jojoba) – perfume, skin and hair care, healing/skin regeneration, eczema, dry coughs, itchy skin

Spearmint – chest congestion, colds/flu, fever/infectious diseases, antifungal, muscle spasms, antiseptic, inflammation, scars, gas/bloating/constipation, nausea, bug repellant

Tea Tree – one of best all-purpose oils, aches/pains, healing/skin regeneration, wounds/infections/rashes, bites/stings, aging/oily skin, eczema, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, cold sores, dandruff, inflammation, strains/sprains, cold/flu/coughs, scars, immune stimulant, sinuses, bruises, burns, warts and moles, detoxification, bug repellant

Thyme – antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, infections, coughs/colds/flu, congestion, bronchitis/pneumonia, expectorant, immune boosting, gas/bloating, scars, hair growth, insect repellant, aching muscles/muscle spasms, detoxification, anti-depressant, perspiration/deodorant, bug repellant

Vanilla (in jojoba) – perfume/deodorant.  My all-time favorite smell!  Use it straight from the bottle for a light, sweet "perfume."

Ylang Ylang III – perfume, healing/skin regeneration, aging/dry skin, eczema, hair growth, migraine, insomnia, insect bites, infections, aching muscles/joints, anti-depressant, antiseptic, detoxification

(I used to have Anise and Fennel.  But after reading that they are not good for people with endometrioses, I decided to use them for cleaning my toilet instead.  I drip in a few drops and swish around the bowl.  It’s better than just tossing them.  I do not necessarily have problems with endometriosis, but they did find a little of it when I had a C-section years ago.  So I decided it was safest to not bother with these at all.)

            At the bare minimum, I recommend that everyone has Tea Tree Oil and Lavender.  And if you can, add Peppermint and Lemon.  These four will make a great selection of natural cleaners and therapeutic oils.

            And just so you know, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, and rosewood are harvested from trees that are (or may be) endangered.  Use sparingly, if at all.

Which oils do you like and use?  How do you use them?

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