Monday, February 6, 2017

A Garden in Winter

Unfortunately, we've had almost no snow this year.  I like snow.  I miss snow.  I think it's beautiful.  But there is also beauty and intrigue in winter when there's no snow.  And so on the first really nice, warm day in a while, I took my camera outside to take these pictures.  Hope you enjoy them!

My Royal Raindrops crabapple tree
I love the tiny red apples that hang there all winter.

A dried hydrangea flower
Another hydrangea
Coral bells, still beautifully colorful
Purple coneflower seed-head
Butterfly weed seed-pod
Rose bud that never made it
Lilac buds that the deer haven't eaten
Sage (herb)
Garlic chive seeds . . . I'll regret it later that I didn't cut these off before they spread seed everywhere
Japanese anemone
Close-up of dried hydrangea flower petals
Lamb's ears
Rhododendron (Azalea?) buds - I never did figure out which one it is
 And then the next day it rained:
Bonica rose hips
Ornamental grass 

 Kiss Me rose from last year


The same coral bells, but even prettier

 Rain-dusted sage

Peony seed pod

Fungus on a fallen log

And some of my garden statues:

This little guy was all by himself on the shelf at the store. 
He looked so lonely that I had to buy him.
My two favorites:
I love that this frog is so thankful for one little fly
And these are two pictures I took almost 17 years ago outside our first apartment.  
Snow had coated the crabapples and it was beautiful.

A little bit closer:
 (I miss snow!)
And this is the crabapple when it bloomed.  It's the white one in the foreground.

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