Monday, March 20, 2017

Removing Warts with Essential Oils

            My teenage son had two toes covered with planter warts.  It’s almost as if you split small pebbles in half and stuck them all over the sides of his toes.  We had gotten a reference for a foot doctor from our family physician.  But before we went to the foot doctor (and paid a nice, big office fee), I decided to try using essential oils first.  I figured that it couldn’t hurt.

            There are people online who recommend using straight essential oil on warts, but I am a firm believer that diluting oils is always better.  So what I did was mix a small amount of olive oil with a strong amount of essential oils that are known to get rid of warts.

            I had intended to apply it twice a day by Q-tip, right on top of the warts.  But I forgot about it a lot of days.  However, even though I have only been applying it once a day, about four days a week for the past several months or so, they have disappeared almost completely.  Just a little bit left to go.  If I had been applying it more regularly, I am sure they would be gone already.   


            Here is the blend that I made:

            With the simple, natural help of essential oil, we have avoided a trip to the foot doctor. 

            (You may want to dilute it more.  Consider the person you are using it on and their age.  And keep it directly on the wart.  Try not to get it on other skin because it is quite strong.)
(I read that essential oils can destroy moles. 
We're giving it a try with this multi-purpose blend.)

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